Assessing K-12 Online Teachers' Knowledge of Online Student Identities


Jackson, B., Jones, W.M., Schad, M. & Strand, D. (2021). Assessing K-12 Online Teachers' Knowledge of Online Student Identities. Journal of Online Learning Research, 7(1), 35-56.


As the population of K-12 online learners becomes increasingly diverse, research must be undertaken to assess the level of knowledge K-12 online teachers have in terms of meeting this population’s needs. This study explores K-12 online teachers' perceived knowledge of the identities that may be present in their students and their perceived ability to meet the needs of these students. Using the MAKSS-T instrument, this study finds while K-12 online teachers feel they have a "good" understanding of the possible identities of their students and addressing their needs, they are not confident in their understanding of gender and sexual orientation identities. Teachers also note that they do not feel adequately prepared to meet the needs of diverse online students and desire additional training in this area.


  • Jackson, Brianne
  • Jones, W. Monty
  • Schad, Michael
  • Strand, Deverick

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  • K-12 online learning