This Clearinghouse is a collaborative effort led by the Aurora Institute and the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute® (MVRLI®) to provide a repository of references to research articles and other publications from the field of K- 12 online and blended learning. This project has been made possible by generous financial support from Next Generation Learning Challenges and in-kind support from the Aurora Institute and Michigan Virtual.

Most Recent Publications

Features of High-Quality Online Courses in Higher Education: A Scoping Review

Wright, A. C., Cameron, T., Alarakyia-Jivani, R., & Nizamuddin, S. (2023). Features of high-quality online courses in higher education: A scooping review


A Systematic Review of Studies Exploring Help-Seeking Strategies in Online Learning Environments

Yang, F. & Stefaniak, J. (2023). A systematic review of studies exploring help-seeking strategies in online learning environments. Online Learning Journal, 27(1).  


Systematic Reviews of Research on Online Learning: An Introductory Look and Review

Martin, F., Dennen, V. P., & Bonk, C. J. (2023). Systematic reviews of research on online learning: An introductory look and review. Online Learning Journal, 27(1).


Promoting Young Adolescents’ Reading Performance: Evidence from Narrative Transportation on Multimodality Readings

Fang, L & Xiangming, L. (2023). Promoting young adolescents’ reading performance: Evidence from narrative transportation on multimodality readings. Computers in the Schools.


K-12 Computer Science Teaching Strategies, Challenges, and Teachers’ Professional Development Opportunities and Needs

Zhu, M & Wang, C. (2023). K-12 computer science teaching strategies, challenges, and teachers’ professional development opportunities and needs. Computers in the Schools.


Profiles of Students’ ICT Use in High-Performing Countries in PISA 2018

Kim, M. & Kim, H. (2023). Profiles of students’ ICT use in high-performing countries in PISA 2018. Computers in the Schools.


Digitalized Interactive Components in Computer-Based-Assessment in Mathematics for K12 Students: A Research Synthesis

Alhadi, M., Zhang, D., Wang, T., & Maher, C. A. (2023). Digitalized interactive components in computer-based-assessment in mathematics for K12 students: A research synthesis, computers in the schools, 40(1), 56-84.


Examining Pre-Service and In-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Readiness to Use Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning

Polly, D, Martin, F., & Byker, E. (2023). Examining pre-service and in-service teachers’ perceptions of their readiness to use digital technologies for teaching and learning. Computers in the Schools, 40(1), 22-55. 


Video games, the brain and magical thinking: A 21st century controversy

Antar, R. (2023). Video games, the brain and magical thinking: A 21st century controversy. E-Learning and Digital Media, 20(2), 102–114.


Next Generation Accountability: Creating Performance Frameworks for Student Success

Patrick, S. (2023). Next generation accountability: Creating performance frameworks for student success. Aurora Institute.

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