Online Learning and Instructor Feedback


Samaranayake, P. (2024). Online Learning and Instructor Feedback. Journal of Online Learning Research, 10(1), 75-89.


Feedback is essential to enhance students' performance in an online learning environment, although this is influenced by how feedback is delivered. Feedback is an assessment of learning and promotes motivation to the learner. With the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching and learning rapidly shifted to online learning, and the importance of instructor feedback became critical. A sample assessed forty-two students within an online distributed learning environment. Students were requested to rate their experience with the feedback received from the instructor. The completed questionnaire included (6) closed-ended, (5) Likert scale, and (4) open-ended questions. The research intends to discover the learner’s preference for the delivery of instructor feedback and how this impacts learners. However, the analyses emphasized that students need more engagement with the online instructor while optimizing learner-to-learner feedback that encourages the benefit of relationship and knowledge building. 


  • Samaranayake, Pradeepkia

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  • Online learning