In Praise of Less Technology: Taking a “Less is More” Approach in Virtual Classrooms


Potts, J. (2024). In Praise of Less Technology: Taking a “Less is More” Approach in Virtual Classrooms. Journal of Online Learning Research, 10(1), 7-14.


Taking a “less is more” approach to technology adoption may seem counterintuitive for online education, but the intelligent integration of tools that enhance the learning experience for students can be achieved without ignoring technological growth. Educators must have a clear understanding of the goals of their classrooms and should then select technology that helps them achieve those goals. This goal-oriented approach is especially important for teachers who have been forced into online education due to the pandemic and are already in a state of overwhelm. Rather than letting technology become a distraction for teachers who must learn a plethora of new procedures, school leadership can provide their staff with a handful of thoughtfully curated apps that give teachers some sense of control in a quickly changing profession. This article offers school leaders and classrooms teachers research-based recommendations for selecting and integrating appropriate technology into their online classrooms, including creating effective and adaptable lessons that can withstand inevitable changes in technology; developing sound pedagogical principles for online learning; and fostering strong student-teacher (and student-student) relationships in virtual spaces.


  • Potts, Jessica

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  • Online learning