Innovative Approaches to Online CTE: Lessons from Missouri, Idaho, and Arkansas


DeBruler, K. (2023). Innovative Approaches to Online CTE: Lessons from Missouri, Idaho, and Arkansas. Michigan Virtual.


The decline in teacher preparation program enrollments poses significant challenges, ultimately affecting K-12 classrooms and limiting the availability of skilled educators, particularly in Career and Technical Education (CTE). In response to this crisis, Michigan has made substantial investments in CTE, dedicating significant funds to reimburse schools for the extra costs associated with these programs. Additionally, innovative online CTE initiatives have been implemented in states like Idaho, Missouri, and Arkansas, showcasing unique approaches and successful strategies to address the shortage and enhance access to CTE courses. This report provides an in-depth analysis of online CTE programs at the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA), Launch Missouri, and Virtual Arkansas, discussing their program goals, development, assessment methods, curriculum design, instructional approaches, and alignment with industry standards. Furthermore, it highlights key considerations and strategies to enhance success in online CTE programs, including overcoming skepticism, addressing resource constraints, intentional course selection and design, fostering effective communication and collaboration, aligning program goals with state objectives, and involving industry stakeholders for real-world relevance. Ultimately, online CTE programs emerge as instrumental tools in providing flexible and accessible learning opportunities, preparing students for successful futures in the dynamic job market, and advancing the agenda of workforce development and education.


  • DeBruler, Kristen

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  • Career and Technical Education
  • Online learning