Evaluating Professional Learning Course Offerings and Educator Engagement


Cuccolo, K. & DeBruler, K. (2023). Evaluating professional learning course offerings and educator engagement. Michigan Virtual. https://michiganvirtual.org/research/publications/evaluating-professional-learning-course-offerings-and-educator-engagement/


Professional learning (PL) in education comprises opportunities that aim to enhance the quality of educators’ instruction. Because of the potentially positive impact PL can have on educators, it is crucial to understand how they are engaging with PL courses. Similarly, PL must be able to meet a wide variety of educators’ needs. The current study used survey data, and data from Michigan Virtual’s Professional Learning Portal to gain insights into educator engagement in pedagogically focused courses. Additionally, course offerings were examined to identify any patterns in the offerings. The most frequently cited reason for educators’ course enrollment was meeting professional development requirements. Educators have a wide variety of cost and time-effective PL options for meeting this need, with over half of the pedagogically focused courses costing less than $5, and the majority being self-paced. While most courses taken by educators were completed, educators were more likely to both drop and complete fewer course assignments in SCECH courses. Educators reported audiovisual elements were engaging and helpful for learning, while readings and quizzes were perceived as only helpful for learning. It is recommended that PL courses balance elements that are perceived as engaging and helpful for learning. Future work should seek to understand why fewer assignments are completed in SCECH-granting courses, and ensure all educators are represented in enrollments.


  • Cuccolo, Kelly
  • DeBruler, Kristen

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  • Online teacher professional development
  • Professional learning