Profiles of Students’ ICT Use in High-Performing Countries in PISA 2018


Kim, M. & Kim, H. (2023). Profiles of students’ ICT use in high-performing countries in PISA 2018. Computers in the Schools.


This study aims to identify the profiles regarding students’ familiarity with information and communication technology (ICT) and their relationships to reading literacy and background variables for high-performing countries in PISA 2018. We distinguished four classes in each of the six countries (Estonia, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, and Sweden), three classes in Finland and Korea, two classes in Macao, and five classes in Singapore. In most countries, the class with the highest perceived autonomy related to ICT use and low use of ICT at school showed the highest reading literacy. In contrast, the class with the highest overall ICT familiarity had the lowest reading literacy. Classes with a high ICT familiarity tended to have a higher proportion of male students. Finally, the SES of the class with the lowest ICT familiarity was significantly lower than that of other classes.


  • Kim, Hyesook
  • Kim, Meereem

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  • ICT
  • PISA