Digitalized Interactive Components in Computer-Based-Assessment in Mathematics for K12 Students: A Research Synthesis


Alhadi, M., Zhang, D., Wang, T., & Maher, C. A. (2023). Digitalized interactive components in computer-based-assessment in mathematics for K12 students: A research synthesis, computers in the schools, 40(1), 56-84.


This research synthesizes studies that used a Digitalized Interactive Component (DIC) to assess K-12 student performance during Computer-based-Assessments (CBAs) in mathematics. A systematic search identified ten studies, including four that provided language assistance and six that provided response-construction support. We reported on the one study that involved students with learning disabilities and three studies involved English Language Learners. One study focused on geometry, four studies on number and operations understanding, and five included a mixture of mathematics domains. Mixed results were reported as to the effectiveness of the available DICs. The research suggests that older children were more likely to benefit from availability of the DIC than younger children, and that DICs have greater impact on students with special needs.


  • Alhadi, Moosa
  • Maher, Carolyn A.
  • Wang, Ting
  • Zhang, Dake

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  • Assessment