Educators’ Perceptions of Online SEL Professional Learning Courses


Timke, E. & DeBruler, K. (2022). Educators’ Perceptions of Online SEL Professional Learning Courses. Michigan Virtual University.


This study assesses educators' perceptions of the effectiveness of the social-emotional learning (SEL) professional development courses they've completed online. Through a survey of 702 educators who completed at least one SEL professional learning course with Michigan Virtual in 2021, this report provides insights into what works well for educators in learning about SEL through online formats, what educators think about their own SEL competencies after completing online SEL training, and educators' recommendations on how to adapt online SEL professional learning courses to make them more relevant and applicable to their work.


  • DeBruler, Kristen
  • Timke, Ed

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  • Social-emotional learning
  • Teacher professional development