A vision of digital learning in Michigan K-12 schools


Harrington, C., DeBruler, K., Gieseking, T., Green, C., & Timke, E. (2021). A vision of digital learning in Michigan K-12 schools. Michigan Virtual University. https://michiganvirtual.org/research/publications/vision-digital-learning-michigan-schools/


Schools and districts throughout Michigan continue to adopt educational technologies for the purposes of increasing student engagement and performance. This MVLRI research study explores how Michigan schools and districts are leveraging digital resources to meet the academic needs of students and their families both now and beyond pandemic learning. Specifically, the study focused on the instructional strategies schools are moving toward, what digital resources are being used, and the myriad factors that are accelerating or hindering the use of digital resources.


  • DeBruler, Kristen
  • Gieseking, Tracy
  • Green, Christa
  • Harrington, Chris
  • Timke, Ed

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  • K-12 online learning
  • Michigan