A Peer Support Community on Social Media: A Counter Narrative to Cyberbullying


Stevenson, H. & Kellogg, C. (2021). A Peer Support Community on Social Media: A Counter Narrative to Cyberbullying. Journal of Online Learning Research, 7(1), 85-108. https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/215660/


As students are increasingly engaged in online and blended learning, and spending more time online outside of school, it is especially important to understand how they use social media. The question becomes, can the same social media resources used for peer cyberbullying serve as a medium for support? This intrinsic case study focuses on an anonymous voluntary peer support system created and facilitated by a high school student using Facebook as a major component. Data include Facebook posts and handwritten notes and four one-on-one interviews with the creator of the support system addressing the research questions, “What are the experiences of the creator and facilitator of the peer support group?” and “What role, if any, did a Facebook page play in providing peer support?” Results explore how this group transcended cliques and provided organic peer support, as well as the role that hyperpersonal communication and the facilitator’s ownership played in its success. Implications and future research are discussed.


  • Kellogg, Carrie
  • Stevenson, Heidi

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