A Case Study of Teachers’ Experiences of Blended Teaching and Learning


Cunningham, D. (2021). A Case Study of Teachers’ Experiences of Blended Teaching and Learning. Journal of Online Learning Research, 7(1), 57-83. https://www.learntechlib.org/primary/p/213808/


The purpose of this study was to explore the question, How do teachers experience blended teaching and learning? This article describes the interplay of beliefs and practices of four high school teachers, based on interview data, observation data, and artifact analysis. Results show that the four teachers in the study are enacting their beliefs in the blended context and that their beliefs are consistent across blended and face-to-face domains. Teachers' views of teaching and learning center on facilitation of active and authentic learning for students and are aligned to school vision. Strategies to remain student-centered vary from teacher to teacher, but an emphasis on formative assessment and feedback is evidenced in the practice of all teachers. Technology use did not emerge as a barrier for these teachers because professional development focused both on curriculum design and the use of instructional technology. The study provides implications for teacher placement, course selection, and professional development design.


  • Cunningham, Diane

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  • Blended learning